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Thousands of patients across the country have turned years of suffering from chronic conditions into a bright, happy, healthy future. They are free of the symptoms that once seemed an inescapable part of life. Will you be next?

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We are able to work effectively with people across the entire US. Read what a few of our clients have to say:

I had migraines for 66 years and tried everything. This is the first time in my life that I have gone this long (6 months) without a migraine. I am so glad I did this.

Glades Houston, TX

I did not know I felt this bad, now that I love life I am telling everyone to call Julianne, she helped me enjoy life again.

Linda Austin, TX

Hi Julianne, Looks like the diet is working. First few days was rough but I'm feeling better now. See attached photos.

Matt N.

I had learned to live with my eczema but was encouraged by my doctor to work with Julianne, one month later my eczema is gone from my hands and eyes. I feel so much better and don’t have to worry about hiding my hands and eyes anymore.

Mrs. B Austin, TX

could never lose weight, my allergies were driving me crazy, I have tried all the medications, doctors, tests....however since I discovered what my dietary triggers are I feel so much better and the weight finally came off.

Patti F. Highland Beach, FL

I could not go out to eat, my IBS was so bad, after being tested and working with Julianne I know what foods I can have and life is so much better.

Mrs. Carlisle Belvidere, IL

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The Underlying Cause of Chronic Conditions

Numerous peer review studies conclusively show that sensitivities to food and food-chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems. Food sensitivities can also make you feel lousy all the time, or like something is just not right with your body.

Even so called “healthy” and “anti-inflammatory” foods such as salmon, parsley, turmeric, ginger, blueberries, or garlic can provoke inflammation and symptoms in sensitive individuals.

Most doctors are trained to test for food allergies, but inflammatory reactions from food sensitivities are entirely different from food allergies. As a result, millions of Americans experience the ill effects of chronic conditions due to misdiagnosed or neglected sensitivities to specific foods.

If the underlying cause of your chronic condition is hidden inflammation caused by sensitivity reactions to foods and food-chemicals in your diet, any medications you take will ultimately fail because they are not getting to the root of the problem, they are only masking your symptoms.

Not only are many medications costly, they can have numerous side effects and can lead to other health problems.

If food sensitivities are causing your illness and you don’t properly address them, you could easily end up suffering for many years, spending thousands of dollars for treatments that will never work the way you want. 

How To Get Relief

We now offer cutting edge technology with clinical screening to discover which foods are causing your symptoms.

One simple but powerful test can accurately quantify your inflammatory response to 150 foods and chemicals. The results of the test let you know  which foods you should stay away from, but just as importantly, which foods are your best foods.

With proper evaluation of the test results, an effective therapy can be created that provides you with the most complete results in the shortest possible time.

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