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Frequently Asked


The only anti-inflammation for you

  • This program is like none other.
    This is not a one size fits all diet, it’s not keto, it’s not fasting, it’s not vegan or vegetarian however if you want to learn or keep to your style of eating that can be done.


  • This process lets me discover which foods and or chemicals are causing too much release of the inflammatory chemicals. The media / medical world calls it leaky gut.


  • This process actually happens in the small intestines.  When we eat; our small intestine's immune system will determine which foods it likes or dislikes. Meaning, it thinks it’s an enemy and it releases a specific quantity of the inflammatory chemicals.  Keep following me here…so we can not measure which chemicals are released but How Much!  Unlike a food allergy that happens in 30 seconds and could be fatal in less than 4 hours.  We now have the power to heal you with foods that we know your body tolerates and accepts.  As we move through the acceptable foods, you will learn how to pick the best foods for you, how to prepare and cook them and start feeling better as soon as 5 days. 

  • Each level of your body will let you know how you are doing with your new list of foods to eat.  

  • Every couple of weeks a new list of foods will be sent along with ideas of how to use them in your new diet.

  • Your body will start making less inflammation and actually begin to heal once it’s able to use the nutrients from the foods.

  • This is why supplements don’t always work.  if your gut is not working then it does not matter how much or which supplements you take since it’s not able to be absorbed properly. 

Will I lose weight on this diet?

As your body heals your body will use your fat stores for energy.  You will be shown that you can eat more of these foods and still lose weight. Improving your health, energy, skin, and overall feelings. 

Can I just avoid reactive foods?

Yes, you can however your body will not make as many necessary healing changes to achieve the outcome that you want.  This is a process at the cellular level to change and it takes a minimum of 100 days.  The improvements will occur over the next year.  

Can I eat out?

Yes, you will be shown how to order meals at a restaurant, asking the correct questions. it's harder in the beginning since the list of foods is limited.

Here's additional insight on what to expect with our plan and a few answers to questions you may already have!

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