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Optimal Life Experience!

Do you ever wonder if you could feel any better?

You can! And we have the way. 

Eating is psychological; it affects how we feel.  Feelings affect our outcomes in life. We make decisions based on how we feel. By combining nutrition and mental health, a person can overcome fears, strengthen their body, eliminate health concerns, and much more!

In 100 days, you will revamp your gut's health; changing what you eat and your perception of food. After your initial assessment, you will have a clear path leading you to your desired outcomes along with improving your toolbox for any mental health challenges. Feel optimal health inside and out. 


Julianne is a Registered Dietitian whose specialty and passion is in helping thousands of patients overcome the health problems associated with adverse food reactions. In this co-created experience, Julianne will improve your health by identifying and eliminating reactive foods from your diet.

Julianne utilizes a variety of methods to help patients identify their trigger foods, including food history, Mediator Release Testing (MRT) and elimination diets. 


Meet Julianne Koritz


Elizabeth is motivated by her heart, soul, and desire for all to live an optimal life. She's now excited to co-create this experience, a counseling and integrative wellness practice devoted to helping women and men achieve their most fulfilled life while paying special attention to their self-care, mental and physical well-being.


Meet Elizabeth Z. McDonough

 Payment Methods:

Credit cards and Health Savings Card accepted

  • Optimal Life Plan

    Experience Your Optimal Life!
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 1 Blood Test of 170 Foods & Chemicals
    • Nutritional Guidance for 100 Days
    • 6+ Consultations
    • 10 - 55 Minute Integrative Wellness Sessions
    • Attain Your Goals & Optimal Life Experience
Improve Your Life
  • Mental fortitude & growth

  • Nutrition that lasts a lifetime

  • Find a heightened peace of mind

  • Feel better, look better, live better

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