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The only anti-inflammation for you

  • This program is like none other.
    This is not a one size fits all diet, it’s not keto, it’s not fasting, it’s not vegan or vegetarian however if you want to learn or keep to your style of eating that can be done.


  • This process lets me discover which foods and or chemicals are causing too much release of the inflammatory chemicals. The media / medical world calls it leaky gut.


  • This process actually happens in the small intestines.  When we eat; our small intestine's immune system will determine which foods it likes or dislikes. Meaning, it thinks it’s an enemy and it releases a specific quantity of the inflammatory chemicals.  Keep following me here…so we can not measure which chemicals are released but How Much!  Unlike a food allergy that happens in 30 seconds and could be fatal in less than 4 hours.  We now have the power to heal you with foods that we know your body tolerates and accepts.  As we move through the acceptable foods, you will learn how to pick the best foods for you, how to prepare and cook them and start feeling better as soon as 5 days. 

  • Each level of your body will let you know how you are doing with your new list of foods to eat.  

  • Every couple of weeks a new list of foods will be sent along with ideas of how to use them in your new diet.

  • Your body will start making less inflammation and actually begin to heal once it’s able to use the nutrients from the foods.

  • This is why supplements don’t always work.  if your gut is not working then it does not matter how much or which supplements you take since it’s not able to be absorbed properly. 

Will I lose weight on this diet?

As your body heals your body will use your fat stores for energy.  You will be shown that you can eat more of these foods and still lose weight. Improving your health, energy, skin, and overall feelings. 

Can I just avoid reactive foods?

Yes, you can however your body will not make as many necessary healing changes to achieve the outcome that you want.  This is a process at the cellular level to change and it takes a minimum of 100 days.  The improvements will occur over the next year.  

Can I eat out?

Yes, you will be shown how to order meals at a restaurant, asking the correct questions. it's harder in the beginning since the list of foods is limited.

What can I do to help you?

I am a holistic, functional dietitian working with the small intestine's immune system. (note: 80% of your immune system is in the small intestine, your skin has a different system).  I work from the inside of the body to the outside by using food as my medicine. As your immune system begins to heal and function at a higher level your body will respond with fewer symptoms than you have now.  You will feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and look better.  This is not an easy program as I change your diet 180 degrees from what you are used to doing.  I help you change your diet to suit your health needs and improve your lifestyle to continue improvement in your body’s functions and avoid chronic degenerative diseases.  It’s not easy to do but it can be done with a detailed program
I use the MRT test to determine how to prepare your program.  Everyone is unique so no 2 plans are alike.

What is MRT?

MRT is a patented endpoint blood test for 176 foods and chemicals, (MRT: mediator release response), to determine which foods and or chemicals at this time are releasing more inflammation than others. Usually, a person has 20-30 items that cause more inflammation. Those items are removed from the diet. The test determines the quantity, and the amount of inflammation being released at this time.
A specific dietary program is developed to assist you in healing your body with food.

How does the program work?

Along with your health history, your goals, and the MRT results I develop a detailed phase menu planning program.  Initially, in phase 1 your diet will consist of the 20-25 least reactive foods.  A list of simple ideas for meals to prepare is given with simple recipes.  Phase 1 lasts 2 weeks (14 days) then phase 2 is introduced where more foods are added to the list of phase one.  Every 2-3 weeks another phase menu planner will be added.  This program lasts for 4-6 phases.
At the end of the program, you will be taught how to reintroduce the reactive foods, which ones to avoid, and guidelines for eating out.
Remember the body takes at least 100 days to make the necessary changes, most people feel a difference in 3-7 days and the body continues to heal for the next 12-24 months while you continue on the program. 

How do I get started on my program?

First, you will need to order the blood kit to be shipped to you.  
Go to purchase the Anti-inflammatory 1.
Now you are committed to getting healthy! 

You will be contacted where to get your blood drawn or use this APP
Once your blood is sent to the lab you will receive your phases to follow in 10 days.
You will be sent emails to explain more information about what this blood test tells us about your health and what you need to do to improve your health.  This program is customized just for you.  It’s how your immune system is reacting to the foods you eat.  Let’s get the foods working for you and eliminate your symptoms.

How does this program work and make me feel better?

The patented endpoint blood test lets us know which foods and or chemicals are causing too much inflammation.  Over 40% of people experience some sort of discomfort or chronic pain or symptoms which are caused by inflammatory chemicals that our immune system makes, like histamines!! It thinks it’s protecting us…hence auto-immune conditions.  That’s why they can be treated with food as your medicine.  Medicine from your doctor holds the symptoms at bay - stops them, however, does not get down to the cause.  That’s why they keep you on the medications forever.  Plus it’s a business.  Medicine is a business.
By discovering which 20-30 foods/chemicals are causing your symptoms and changing how your immune system reacts will your symptoms then stop occurring. 
It takes a minimum of 100 days for your immune system to change and your body will continue to heal over the next 1-2 years.

How will I feel about this program?

The initial week is the hardest since your body is releasing excess inflammatory chemicals.
Most people have flu-like symptoms.  Do not go to the doctor! It’s your body's healing.
Drink lots of water.  
After the initial week, you will feel a decrease in your symptoms.  As you go thru the program your body will continue to improve.

How long do I have to follow this program?

This program is not a diet.  It’s all the food you eat however you will learn which foods improve your health and which ones need to be watched. 
Really, you will learn how to eat for yourself, for the rest of your life.  You will never eat the same again as many of my clients say…I love the way I feel why would I go back to where I was?

What about supplements?

The results will let us know which products are best for you at this time.  Some people are reactive to turmeric, garlic or even lemon as well as different chemicals.  The first part to do is stop the inflammation and then determine which products are best for you.  We do not sell you hundreds of dollars of supplements, we do sell supplements that are necessary for you to heal at this time. 

What about my medications?

Your medications are prescribed by your doctor.  You do not stop those unless you speak to your doctor. As you become healthier, the need for your medications may decrease. The symptoms you experience will let you know to call your doctor. You need to understand what symptoms may happen when your body improves: (contact your doctor and let them know)
Blood pressure medication: more tired, lethargic, dizzy, lightheaded
Statin Drugs: only thru a blood test: google:  statins and dementia for research
Diabetes:  Sweating, shaky, lightheaded, dizzy.  Glucose below 85 on finger pricks.



Here's additional insight on what to expect with our plan and a few answers to questions you may already have!

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