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The Healthy Solution

About the professionalized plan that's unique to You.

Food that's right for You!

  • By working alongside YOUR immune system, with the guideline of YOUR blood test results, it usually takes 90 days to calm the immune system and 6 to 12 months to heal it.

  • Most people are able to get off their medications after 6 months.

  • Our clients are given a detailed, 2-week food/ingredient structure plan to slowly reintroduce foods.

  • Most people feel better in the first week of the program, however, it takes much longer to heal the gut.

  • Following the program for the first 90 days is the hardest but also the most important to make the necessary changes for the initial healing of the immune system.

Want to know more?

Want Even More?!
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  • Immediate access to extra food and health content

  • Direct instant messaging to our professional dietitians

  • Life-changing tips about the way you eat

  • Sustainable plans and suggestions for lifetime health

Check out Real Results that we hope excite you as much as it does us!
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