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About Your Plan

The Steps to Change Your Life, Forever!
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Over 80% of our Leap Diet programs are referrals from friends and family members seeking to improve one another's health!

It's your turn to have a story worth sharing!

Your Gut Heals #2

Your Gut Heals #2

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About the Plan - Details

Anti-inflammatory 176 plans utilize a patented endpoint blood test of 170 foods and chemicals.  

Our main goal is to change how much Inflammation the immune system produces thereby lowering your levels of inflammatory chemicals > this is all controlled with your diet where you will learn that foods are your medicine and best for you.  This is an individual patented blood test that shows us which 20-30 foods and or chemicals cause too much inflammatory release.

Over 80% of your immune system is in your small intestines through the white blood cells. However, the gut’s immune system decides which inflammatory chemicals will be released when you eat all foods.  Some foods cause more release of inflammatory chemicals than others. As many as 30 and there is a delayed response up to 72 hours. Here is where the chronic issues start to happen.  It’s a slow chronic process that starts out as a dietary issue and ends with dietary changes. 

We will change your diet 180 out from the normal; we will discover which foods are right for you now; changing your diet thru an elimination program utilizing the report of the blood test. 

With a guided menu planning system that is unique to you.

Improvements have been seen in a few as 3 days however the average is 5 days.

The medical community uses Immunoglobulins  (IgG) to test for allergies and what they call food sensitivities.  All the food sensitivity testing on the market is using the IgG method of testing.  The test shows how much IgG is being released in the blood. IgG is mainly found in tissue. If over 40% of the results are high then you more than likely have an autoimmune condition; if not then the ones that are higher are foods that you tend to be exposed to more.  such as items eaten more often. This is not a food sensitivity test.  It is an allergy test.  IgG testing is usually covered by your insurance. The only item being tested for is IgG. 

About Your Journey

  • The goal is to heal your gut over the next year, eliminate most of your symptoms and get them under control.

  • If you take any medications, it is important to work with your doctor on lowering your medications slowly over the course of this year. Most people are able to remove their cholesterol-lowering medications, blood pressure medications, and diabetes medication within the initial 3-6 months.

  • First, we'll test 176 foods, chemicals, and additives and how YOUR body responds to them. This is done through a blood test. We will help you find a testing site near your location, as I am able to work with patients around the world.

  • Based on the quantitive measurement of inflammation your body releases, I will create a list of foods I want you to eat on what we call, Phase 1.
    You may think, "OMG, there is nothing for me to eat!"
    I will help you build and plan your meals based on the foods I present in the phases.


  • Each phase lasts 2 weeks where you introduce new foods into your diet every day.

  • This is not an avoidance program but is a healing program.

Weight Loss Program -

This program offers a high potency multivitamin along with specific menu planning structures to improve your gut immune system.  A reverse elimination diet starts out with a limited selection of foods for the initial 2 weeks, then slowly expands the diet over the remaining 86 days. 

All information will be emailed to you through your email.  

Preparation is most important to obtain the best results for a long time.

  • Full chat access to a dietitian professional

  • Reference details on ingredients based on your plan

  • Strict, clear meal assessment and planning made just for YOU

  • Learn how to build a sustainable future for your health through food

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